EDEN'S CURSE has already delivered 2 great pure 80s inspired Melodic Hardrockalbums a la DOKKEN, STRYPER... Time to catch up with lead singer MICHAEL EDEN...

You just delivered a great new album, how's it holding up so far?

Thanks for your support. I think it's holding up very well under the current stressful situations that this business has become within the last ten years. Eden's Curse has always been about original and creative concepts and thrown together with that of attitude and mayhem makes it all that more special. The press support has been outstanding and the band could never ask for more.

Can you tell us all about the songs on the new CD 'The Second Coming ' , any interesting stories behind them?

The songs are written by Paul Logue and myself with a few ideas here and there being slammed by my shitkicker's in brutality. Pete Newdeck and the associated slingers of justice are always a huge help in this department as well. They (the songs) are ideas that are created by Paul and then run through myself first and then Pete. Everything gets turned up to twenty and fists are pumping once Thorsten gets ahold of these sonic gems that fucking reek of overtly sexual stimuli that excellent to crack teeth with. The stories or subject matter are mostly very real and close at hand to what we deal with in real life. Situations that are dealt with through the positive vibes and influence of the electric guitar is always a soul stirring moment from the moment the green light hits record, or is it red light? Maybe it's green means go, and red means stop. Hell, where I come from red means go...go...go!

Although I personally loved the first CD, I think the new one is even better, one of the Melodic Hardrock highlights of 2008, how were you able to come up in such a short period with a follow-up to the 2007 debut release?

If it's a melodic highlight for anyone we truely thank those who give us that much credit. We just do what we do and take others on the ride with us. It's good fun for one and all and you just never know who will come along for a ride of The Curse bus to mayhem and melodic lunatic fringe.

Can we expect any touring plans to support the album release or will this be a hard target due to the commitments of the band members?

My boys give 120% to The Curse and are ready when called upon for active duty. The guns are fully loaded and the amunition is a plenty. Trust me when I say.........Some place, some time in 2000 and nine and we will be blasting fast and loud! Nobody is safe!! Pregnant woman are advised not to attend. Eating and drinking before a show is optional and so is partaking in the festivities within. We hope to see all the sick muthas who are ready to crush skulls and dance on the enemys face when we hit the stage. I promise a metal show filled with ultra fast licks and an assortment of hardcore cracks to the jaw that make tooth pulling a new hobby for all those younger than 35. Hell....we will rock any place....any time....ANYWHERE!! Crank the fucking electricity and see ya when we see ya!

As EDEN'S CURSE seems to be a success, this is not a short lived project, but perhaps a real band for the next 10-20 years with many great new album releases?

Short lived? Oh please say it ain't so. The truth being told I'd hate to admit just how much fun Paul and I have making fun of the drooling clowns that clearly don't get the god damn picture. This band is built to destroy those who get in our way and we shall be doing just that for many years to come. Come one come all and we invite everyone to invest their hard earned money into our brand of rock in roll that will stop pacemakes and heart lung machines within 50 miles or more. Projects are for people whom whore their abilities out to the highest bidders and we don't whore like them. We are the ultimate whores! There is a difference between the pimp and it's bitch. We are one in the same. The machine never stops moving and it never stops improving in my opinion. Nothing is simply good enough. It's a rip snorting good time for one and all or nothing at all. Kicking the nuts of society is now a job 24/7/365! I'm ready....the band is ready! The stage will be ready and the audience will be slaughtered within 20 minutes of us playing. No chimps. No welfare brats. Just attitude and delivery that made our forefathers quite proud! Salute and be damn proud you're doing so!

The sound you make is very 1980s, but still sounding fresh and crunchy, which bands influenced the EDEN'S CURSE sound?

Personally I don't get the whole 80's thing. We like that music but are very much about the here and now. We are influenced by anyone who can actually play from the Pink Cream 69'ers to the Dio and Dokken commandos. Whitesnake and Winger with enough bald heads to make even the toughest ball busters jealous. The songs are not about getting laid and smoking dope. No lyrics about staying up all night and drinking till the cops walk in. Fuck that shit! Eden's Curse is a unique blend of the past, present and future attitudes of those things yet soncially delivered. We crave the very best from those involved and partake in only the party that serves our brand of food and drink. We are not interested in the nipple pierced goons who drool on the ass of society and leave momma begging for more. The Saturday morning cartoon club is not our gig at all. We deliver a one finger salute to those chumps who dare to think they know better than us. Nobody knows us better than we know us. It's not about arrogence. It's not about self pitty. It's about being the best you can be and delivering a solid performance on tape that hopefully leave a few people begging for more. Our fans are the very best and we crave their attitude.

Michael, you're a great singer and perfectly suitable for this kind of Melodic Hardrock, can you tell us a little more about yourself and your career before EDEN'S CURSE?

I'm not sure if I'm a great singer but I consider myself the lead dog who runs the ship and brings the weapons to the frontline with commander Logue in tow and shout from all stations......Blow the enemys fucking head off! No seriously.....Thats what my past mistakes were as I let those naysayers from the past effect my judgement and view points. I listened way too much from others when others never saw the bigger picture. Lets face facts....my old bands were dandy for punks with attitude but they got nothing on this outfit. My old band was called Seven Ten and although we were a good band we were surely not a great band. We did the job of an 80's wanna be Slaughter meets Dokken poser fest and that was that. The guys in it had no vision. If they did it would be them doing it now insted of me. If you want it bad enough it shall happen through hard work and dedication. If you run before you can walk the ship will sink and my past ship was more like a fishing boat. There was only room for one captain and I thought it best the others just jump the fuck out and tread water rather than attempt to swim with a bigger pack of sharks who would have surely swallowed their small tuna asses alive!! Sorry kids but thats the god honest truth. Some people wanna rock and some can only dream about doing so. Try giving up 7 years with guys who can barely make it to band practice. Guys who don't pay their share of the rehearsal space rent and guys who wanna fly like a fucking 747 before they are ready to play with grade school children. Watch for dropping guitar players....

The 1990s were a very tough time for Melodic Hardrock, but the present day is becoming very positive for this kind of music, with in Finland almost an explosion of new bands signed to major labels and releasing high charting albums, while in the rest if Europe several other bands are very succesfull (GOTTHARD of course being a very good example), how do you feel about this 'change' and how's it in the USA?

The change is not so much a change but an attitude of delivery. Bands deliver a killer product or get their ass handed to them by those who support the very cause we all stand for....Rock N' Roll! The fans demand awesome playing and good songs. If the songs suck then get a new songwriter. If the musicians suck then fire they ass and bring in new blood for a new day. The 1990's in the USA killed metal with the Seattle scene arriving that outstayed it's welcome and attracted more posers than those who supported Warrant and Roxy Blue. Nothing wrong with those bands but there was surely something wrong with those who supported that and the Nine Inch Nail sound as well. Those who felt there was enough room for one and all. Well, Seattle and Kurt died and I was happy as a lark to see both go for good! Get the gun you depressed mother fuckers and shoot! If Ozzy never said it then I will. When life becomes too much to deal with seek help or stop bitching at those who try and make a difference for those who seek the brighter and bigger picture. Gotthard and the like rule the day while bands like Soundgarden and Nirvana were the saddest examples of anything with balls and brutal force. I got three words for the USA scene....It's fucking dead!! Europe and Japan is where we drop anchor and thats our home. Now.....lets tear down a wall or two and crank metal till we are 90 or older!

Finally, anything to add to our readers?

The readers who support bands like us are the best in this world. If they read this interview for it's brutality and cute inspiration then two thumbs up to them. Know when to take things serious and always know The Curse will deliver!! The readers rock! You rock!! and now we should all continue to rock forever!!!

Thank you for the interview!